Chaotic Laboratory – SL scenario

Here is an SLURL link to the chaotic laboratory in, the link works like a URL if you have second life installed and an account it will give you a teleport invitation to your avatar.

Here is a link to the blog of a  related project – the 3D warehouse, which uses Second Life to create a health and safety scenario based around the operations of a logistics company.

and here is a short ULR that links to a SLURL to this area

The Chaotic Laboratory

Project Outline

The concept is to create a learning resource for trainee science teachers where they can practice good laboratory management and experience a simulation of what can go wrong. We have built a generic school science laboratory and are creating static hazards – which a student should be able to notice and make comments on, and dynamic scenarios where the student will need to take some interactive action within the virtual world.This is currently being hosted in Second Life on the Anglia Ruskin Island.

Here are some snapshots of progress so far:

The Chaotic Lab Image
Second Life Simulation of a School Science Laboratory
Openable Cupboards and Drawers Image
Openable Cupboards and Drawers
Basic Fire Equipment Image
Basic Fire Equipment

During a simulation a student will be expected to close cupboards and arrange technical equipment correctly as well as being able to select and use the appropriate fire equipment.

Austin in the Lab

This work is sponsored by Anglia Ruskin Learning and Teaching.

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